Author: Mark Toner

Jack Kirby Centenary

On 6th February 1994, the world lost a titan of the illustrative arts. Had he lived, Jack ‘King’ Kirby would have been 100 today. Early training in the Pratt Institute (1 week) was followed by work under Max Fleischer, Will Eisner and Jerry Iger, and drawing Blue Beetle for Victor Fox. Always honing his artistic skills, Jack also wrote comic strips and was responsible for creating many of the great comic characters that still entertain readers today. Teaming up with Joe Simon, he created Captain America for Timely Comics, home of the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner. Moving to...

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How to be a Patron of the Arts

Thanks to the wonders of Shoreline of Infinity, you can now become a patron of the arts. Why settle for a mere subscription to the multiverse’s premier magazine when you can also get your name in it? We have just launched our Patreon campaign which allows you, the readers, to become sponsors of our writers and artists, ensuring they get paid well and that the world continues to benefit from their mighty efforts. Get your name in our hall of heroes for a mere $1 monthly pledge. If you can spare a bit more, you could sponsor a story...

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A Message from the Art Director’s Studio

Our art director has been busy at his primary task of creating comics in his Spacepilot Comics studio. This time he is hard at work creating a comic for issue 3 of Shoreline of Infinity. You can read the gory details in Mark’s blog where he reports on his ongoing quest to perfect his comic style and posts his occasional web...

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Issue 2 Artwork

Almost all of the art for the eagerly awaited issue 2 of Shoreline of Infinity has been assembled. We welcome some new artists to the fold along with the best from issue 1. Our artistic role call includes Sara Ljeskovic who has created an outstanding cover image and story illustrators Becca McCall, P Emerson Williams, Monica Burns, Michael Dabrowski, Stuart Beel (who also does the posters for our Event Horizons), Elijah Lin, Hari Conner, Howard Watts, Jasmine Armour and Dave Alexander. Oh, and our art director has been working with the crayons again on this issue. So here is a taster montage to spark your imagination. What could possibly be going on within the covers of Shoreline Of Infinity issue...

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