The art of Shoreline of InfinityIn keeping with our desire to make Shoreline of Infinity the best quality SF magazine available, we  work with a highly skilled team of artists to make sure each story is lovingly illustrated and that each issue is respectably dressed with an inspiring cover. Some of this art will also be available in our poster shop. Our readers can enjoy the immersive experience of reading the stories while surrounded by the art. We never use off the shelf artwork, every piece is created just for us.

How To Join The Art Team

If you think you’ve got the skills to illustrate a great SF story, send us the address of your portfolio site using the form below. If you have a style and quality that we like, we’ll put you on our list of artists and commission you when a story comes along that would benefit from your art.

Artists’ Rights

As with the writing, we intend to pay for published art. If your art is good enough to go into an issue of Shoreline, we will pay an upfront fee and a proportion of royalties thereafter. The trading rate is an illustration is worth 1,000 words at the same rate as the writers get. A cover is worth more. A full colour painting is taken as equivalent to 2,500 words. We would ask that you give us three months sole rights of use in the magazine and non-exclusive rights to include it in future anthologies and reprints. Otherwise you are free to reuse your art in other publications. We also may ask you if we can sell it as a poster, again offering a good royalty payment.

Submission - Artwork

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