We have a winner! Meet Dee Raspin

Here at the Shoreline Beach Tavern we are delighted to announce that we have a winner of our Short Story Competition for Readers. Our winner is Dee Raspin, and her winning story is called The Great Golden Fish. The story is an enchanting blend of Scottish folk tale and science fiction; it captures the spirit of Stephen Pickering’s artwork, … Read more

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Event Horizon 4

[intense_lead font_color=”inverse”] Event Horizon 4 is on Thursday 28th January 2016  and is as usual, at Deadhead Comics on West  Nicholson Street. It starts at 7:30pm.[/intense_lead] We have Tracey S Rosenberg reading her story to be published in Shoreline of Infinity 3 in March Sue Gyford and Debbie Cannon will be performing dialogue poetry Sara Ljeskovac, who created our wonderful cover for Issue 2, … Read more