The Dark Side by Anthony O’Neill

The Dark Side Anthony O’Neill Simon and Schuster, 400 pages Review by Steve Ironside Online exclusive This book is undeniably telling a classic noir tale—there’s a hard-boiled, yet soft-hearted police detective, who is faced with an increasingly convoluted series of crimes; there’s a bad guy, whose motives are murky. There’s an authority figure, who despite … Read more

The Corporation Wars: Dissidence by Ken MacLeod

The Corporation Wars: Dissidence Ken MacLeod Orbit, 336 pages Review by Iain Maloney Online Exclusive Ken MacLeod’s latest novel, the first part in a new trilogy, does what science fiction does best: it plays with levels of reality and the consequences of our evolutionary capacity for belief while asking uncomfortable philosophical questions in a dramatic … Read more

Event Horizon 9 – Science Fiction evening at the Blind Poet, 4th July 2016

Event Horizon 9 – Science Fiction evening at the Blind Poet, 4th July  The next Event Horizon is on Monday 4th July, at the The Blind Poet, West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. This is two doors down from where Deadhead was and opposite where Deadhead Comics is. Start time, as usual, is 7.30pm, so come along and sample the … Read more

Gene Mapper by Taiyo Fujii

Gene Mapper Taiyo Fujii Jim Hubbert (Translator) Haikasoru/VIZ Media, 240 pages Review by Iain Maloney In Japan Taiyo Fujii is a respected and highly-successful science fiction writer and commentator. Gene Mapper—Core sold ten thousand copies as a self-published e-book before being snapped up by major league publisher Hayakawa Shobo. Since then he has expanded Gene … Read more