Existence is Elsewhen, an Anthology

Existence is Elsewhen Elsewhen Press, 303 pages Review: Joanna McLaughlin Online Exclusive. Elsewhen Press’s Existence is Elsewhen is a diverse collection of science fiction short stories from twenty different writers. The title of the collection, taken from Andre Breton’s 1924 Manifesto of Surrealism, sets out the ambition of this independent publisher, who specialise in speculative … Read more

Tracer by Rob Boffard

Tracer Rob Boffard Orbit, 448 pages Reviewed by Ian Hunter “In Space: Every. Second. Counts.” or so proclaims a sticker-like blurb on the low-tech cover of Rob Boffard’s novel Tracer, the first of his “Outer Earth” trilogy, and Sarah Lutz, author of the award-winning novel The Three also pitches in by proclaiming that we are … Read more