HostBods by Tendai Huchu

HostBods Tendai Huchu Future Fiction, 46 pages Review: Iain Maloney Online Exclusive Tendai Huchu, author of The Hairdresser of Harare and The Maestro, The Magistrate and the Mathematician, has moved into science fiction with this fabulous short collection from Future Fiction. The title story, ‘HostBods’, imagines a world where consciousness can be downloaded into human … Read more

Drowned Worlds: Tales from the Anthropocene and Beyond

Drowned Worlds: Tales from the Anthropocene and Beyond Jonathan Strahan (editor) Solaris, 381 pages Review: Duncan Lunan Online Exclusive. Drowned Worlds takes its inspiration from a recent new edition of J.G. Ballard’s The Drowned World and Paul McAuley’s novella The Choice, set respectively in a flooded London and Norfolk. In Jonathan Strahan’s place, to that … Read more

Event Horizon in Kilmarnock – Wednesday 1st February 2017

Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon in Kilmarnock 7.30pm, 1st February 2017 Paris Match 7-9 Princes Street Kilmarnock KA1 3DD Musical drama with Markee de Saw and Burt Finkle Stories from Chris Kelso Hal Duncan Space and Scotland with Gerry Cassidy Poetry from Elaine Gallagher Meet the team from Shoreline of Infinity – Scotland’s Premier Science Fiction Magazine Free! … Read more

Bedlam & Belfrey, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law: The First Dozen by Glen Cadigan

Bedlam & Belfrey, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law: The First Dozen Glen Cadigan Self-published, 348 pages Review: Thom Day Online Exclusive Presented together here are the collected serial adventures of Bedlam and Belfrey, Glen Cadigan’s legal antiheroes, who work their blend of legal magic and devious manipulation to get their clients into money and out of … Read more

Event Horizon – the Charles Stross Special – Monday 6th February 2017

An Evening with Charles Stross 7.30pm, 6th February The Banshee Labyrinth 29 Niddry Street Edinburgh Launching his new book Empire Games In conversation with Andrew J Wilson He will be reading extracts from his new book and from his work in progress. There will be a chance to talk with Charles Stross and to … Read more