Shoreline of Infinity Event Horizon 10th May 2017

A great night of Science Fictional happenings Featuring Ken MacLeod Pippa Goldschmidt  Sam Small and music from L-space   7.30pm, 10th May 2017 The Banshee Labyrinth 29 Niddry Street Edinburgh and featuring the world famous Shoreline Raffle. Facebook Event  “Welcome fellow travellers, to our Event Horizon. Rest your weary bones, we’re only just beginning.”

Savant by Nik Abnett

Savant Nik Abnett Rebellion / Solaris, 356 pages Review: Steve Ironside Savant is set in a College – a place where the Masters (helped by their Companions and Assistants) teach their Students, while the ever-watching Service manages the schedules of them all, minute-by-minute and day-by-day. This regimen isn’t just about teaching however; there’s a deeper … Read more

Thirty Years of Rain by Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle

Thirty Years of Rain Neil Williamson, Elaine Gallagher, Cameron Johnston (editors) Lulu Press, 248 pages Review: Chris Kelso There’s an old saying that suggests us Scots have more words for rain than an Eskimo does for snow. Despite our majority’s staunchly socialist attitudes and trademark pragmatism, for some reason, Scotland has proved fertile ground for … Read more