Autonomous- Annalee Newitz

Autonomous Annalee Newitz Orbit 291 pages Reviewed by Rachel Hill   Ursula Le Guin once commented that the works of Margaret Atwood, ‘exemplify one of the things science fiction does, which is to extrapolate imaginatively from current trends and events to a near-future that’s half prediction, half satire.’ (Guardian) This prediction-satire characterises what Annalee Newitz … Read more

Improbable Botany – Gary Dalkin (ed)

Improbable Botany Gary Dalkin (ed) Wayward London 605 pages Reviewed by Katy Lennon Improbable Botany, edited by Shoreline’s own Gary Dalkin and published by Wayward London, shows immediately it is not taking its botanical theme lightly. It is integral to the collection; opening with an introduction showcasing the tangible effects Wayward have continually had on … Read more