Shoreline of Infinity and Ruth EJ Booth shortlisted for British Fantasy Awards 2019

British Fantasy Society, British Fantasy Awards 2018 Shoreline of Infinity is delighted to declare that we have been shortlisted for Best Magazine/Periodical in this year’s British Fantasy Society’s Awards. And, Ruth EJ Booth is also shortlisted for best non-fiction for her thoughtful and engaging column, Noise and Sparks.  After two rounds of nomination and voting … Read more

Shoreline of Infinity 17

New stories from: Bo Balder, S.A.M. Rundell, Brian M. Milton, dave ring, Jeremy Nelson, Peyman Saremian, Raymond W Gallacher

Winners of the 2019 Flash Fiction Competition: Simon Fung, Emma Levin, Anna Ziegelhof

Poetry: Frederick Pollack, Laura Watts, Emma Levin

Ruth EJ Booth – award winning column Noise and Sparks

Chris Beckett – interview and a wee extract from Beneath the World, a Sea

SF Caledonia: J.T. McIntosh

Mark Toner – Tales of the Beachcomber

Special Treat: Russell Jones’ Prime Jokes

Book Reviews

Shoreline of Infinity 16

Nominated again (after winning last year!) for the British Fantasy Society Best Magazine/Journal of the year

New Science fiction stories from: Petra Kuppers, Allen Ashley, Helen French, Kate Macdonald, Laura Duerr, Calum L. MacLeòid, Ahmed A. Khan

2019 BFS award-winning Ruth EJ Booth: Noise and Sparks

Vicki Jarrett: interview

SF Poetry: Rachel Plummer, Cardinal Cox, Chuck Von Nordheim

Plus Mark Toner’s Tales of the Beachcomber
Book Reviews

Shoreline of Infinity 15

Stories: DA D’Amico, EM Faulds, Tim Major, Callum McSorley, Tiffany Meuret, JG Sarmiento, Teika Marija Smits, Lidia Molina Whyte

Cymera Festival/Shoreline of Infinity Short fiction winners: Cleo Luna, Beth Nuttall

Gareth L Powell on Writing
Louise Welsh interview
Ruth EJ Booth: Noise and Sparks

SF Poetry: Angela Cleland, Peter King, Rachel Sambrooks

Plus Mark Toner’s Tales of the Beachcomber
Book Reviews

Shoreline of Infinity 14

Stories: Thomas Broderick, Rhiannon Grist, Cat Hellisen, Ken MacLeod, Andrew Reichard, Neil Williamson, Vicki Jarrett, Emma Levin, Alyssa Eckles, Eris Young

Poetry: FJ Bergmann, Harry Josephine Giles, Richard Stevenson

Ruth EJ Booth’s BSFA award shortlisted column “Noise and Sparks”
Pippa Goldschmidt on “The Future is already here”

Mark Toner’s Tales of the Beachcomber
SF Caledonia: Chris Kelso on Neil Williamson
Plus reviews

Shoreline of Infinity 12

Fiction and poetry from: Helen JacksonRobert Gordon, Anton RoseJ S Richardson, W G WhiteElva Hills, Duncan LunanCaroline Hardaker, Ken Poyner, Elizabeth Dulemba

Ada Palmer – Interview

Chris Kelso – SF Caledonia: Crossing the Starfield
Mark Toner – The Beachcomber Presents
Ruth EJ Booth – Noise and Sparks: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Genre?

And the annual flash fiction competition

Shoreline of Infinity 11

All women special edition

Stories by:

Aliette de Bodard, Emily Bowles, Karen Heuler, Lith Amenti, Anna Ibbotson, Katy Lennon, Sim Bajwa, Jen Downes

Ruth EJ Booth – Noise and Sparks: Beyond the Mountains

SJ McGeachy on Frankenstein: The Nuts and Bolts of Genre Mash-Up
Jonatha Kottler – Confessions of a Science Fiction She-nerd
Interview with Lisanne Norman

Poetry from: Katherine McMahon, Catherine Edmunds, Paige Smith, Katie Fanthorpe

Guest Editors: Pippa Goldschmidt, Caroline Grebbell
Guest Art Director: Monica Burns

Shoreline of Infinity 10

Die Booth – Junk Medicine
Ephiny Gale – Little Freedoms
Serena Johe – Don’t Speak; Don’t Listen
Daniel Rosen – If Thine Eyes Offends Thee
K.E. Macphee – The Apple Bee
Chris Bailey – Sweet Compulsion

Flash-fiction Competition Winners
Winner: Matthew Castle – A Choice for a Golden Age
Marija Smits – ATU334 The Wise
SK Farrell – Pauline and the Bahnians
Judges’ reports: Eric Brown & Pippa Goldschmidt

Interview with Helen Sedgwick

SF Poetry – Jo-Ella Sarich, Rosemary Badcoe, Rachel Plummer
Noise and Sparks – Ruth EJ Booth
Tales of the Beachcomber, featuring Arthur C Clarke
Competition – Name that Author

Book Reviews

Shoreline of Infinity 8


Targets – Eric Brown
Goddess with a Human Heart – Jeannette Ng
The Pink Life(La Vie En Rose) – Nathan Susnik
The Black Tide – Laura Duerr
The Starchitect – Barry Charman
These Are the Ways – Premee Mohamed
Arthur Kovic’s Days of Change – Michael Teasdale
The Folger Variation – Chris Kelso

SF Poetry by Lauren Harwyn, Louise Peterkin, Colin McGuire

Flash Fiction Competition
Noise and Sparks: Ruth EJ Booth
SF Caledonia – interview with Chris Kelso
Tales of the Beachcomber—Mark Toner & Stephen Pickering
Book Reviews

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