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Amanda Anatasi

Join me where the cinders meet
the last patch of green, beneath

the veranda set to topple, where
the smoke least stings our eyes.

I’ll find room for my hope to rest
on yours; on ground that held

last minute escapees, arms filled
with singed coats and pillows;

where small, trepid beings waited,
biding time in hollows and burrows.

How do we stockpile cheer
in the wreckage of this town;

envisage an alternate present
without a choke in our throats

or the new homeless eyeing
our shared, late reimagining

of what we still could be.
One thing cannot be taken:

what we nurture in ash
to fill a scant tomorrow.

Amanda Anastasi is a Melbourne poet and author of ‘The Inheritors’ (Black Pepper, 2021). Her poetry has been published locally and internationally including in Best Australian Science Writing 2021, Australian Poetry Journal, Griffith Review and The Massachusetts Review.
Amanda was a recipient of the Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship to write poetry set in the year 2042 and was recently an Artist in Residence for The Things We Did Next, a collaborative practice producing artwork that imagines multiple futures.
Amanda is currently Poet in Residence at the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub where she writes poetry about the climate crisis.

Editor’s note

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—Noel Chidwick

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