Shoreline of Infinity 2 available now

The glorious cover by Sara Ljeskovac

Issue 2 is now available in print and digital editions – you can collect your copy here. It’s a bumper issue featuring new science fiction stories from writers from all over the world. Stories are: Last Days in the Nanotech War —Duncan Lunan “We Sell Seashells” —Ryan L Daly Citizen Erased —Bethany Ruth Anderson Charlie, A […]

Event Horizon 3

Event Horizon 3 is on Thursday 26th November 2015 and is as usual, at Deadhead Comics on West Nicholson Street. It starts at 7:30pm.

A Niche in Time

When I started writing back in the early ’90s there was Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. You knew where you were back then, with rigidly defined rules of doubt and uncertainty. Sure, there was some market fracturing – ghost story markets didn’t like to think of themselves as horror for example, but as a rule […]

Vote for Independents

When we (Al Murray and myself) set up Elsewhen Press in 2011, we were greeted with a degree of incredulity by friends and colleagues. Although we had some experience of traditional media, our background was predominantly in new media. We had dabbled a bit in general fiction but had found it too hard to compete […]

Science fiction needs more love

This is something I see more and more evidence of every day as a fan of the genre, and I’ve only been reading it in earnest for the last few years.
—Lisa McCurrach

Event Horizon 2—and beyond!

Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon is returning to Deadhead Comics for a night of science fiction in Edinburgh on Thursday 29th October.