The Plague Stones by James Brogden

The Plague Stones James Brogden Titan Books, 419 pages Review by Benjamin Thomas   James Brogden’s The Plague Stones is a gothic world of horror and history. The novel follows a London family: mother, father, and son, as they leave the city following a violent break-in and become the inheritors of an isolated property in […]

Cognition by Jacques St-Malo

Cognition Jacques St-Malo 342 pages Ballista Press: 2019 Review by Megan Turney   Jacques St-Malo’s Cognition is a near-future technothriller revolving around the micro and macro consequences of a society that has successfully ventured into the precarious world of ‘germline manipulation’, with a particular focus on genetically modifying intellect. St-Malo’s novel is experimental in both […]

The Sun Song Trilogy by Moira McPartlin 

The Sun Song Trilogy by Moira McPartlin Ways of the Doomed, 256 pages Wants of the Silent, 256 pages Star of Hope, 280 pages   Review by Samara Wright   The year is 2089 and global warming, political revolutions, and a strict division of classes have created a dystopian, post-apocalyptic, future Britain that is almost […]


THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS – YOLEN AND STEMPLE Paperback:192 pages Publisher:Tachyon Publications (11 July 2019) Reviewed by Eris Young   The Last Tsar’s Dragons is a fantastical reimagination of the last days of the Romanov dynasty and the first days of communist rule in Russia. Written by the duo of fantasy powerhouse Jane Yolen and […]

The History of Science Fiction (Second Edition) by Adam Roberts

The History of Science Fiction (Second Edition) by Adam Roberts   Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 548 pages   Review by Teika Marija Smits   Approaching a subject as tricksy as science fiction, Roberts, quite rightly, begins his history with definitions. In essence, he reviews various critics’ attempts to describe what science fiction is, but then […]

Instrument of Peace by Rebecca Hall

Instrument of Peace, Rebecca Hall Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Elsewhen Press (26 Sept. 2016) Suki MacFarland The first instalment in the Symphony of the Cursed series, Rebecca Hall’s Young Adult Fantasy novel is set at the world-renowned but unimaginatively named Academy of Magic. Despite the Academy’s New Zealand location, this boarding school resembles a mixture […]

Fringe War by Rachel Aukes

Fringe War by Rachel Aukes 199 pages Waypoint Book LLC Reviewed by Steve Ironside   When Edwin Starr asked us all, “War! (hungh!) What is it good for?”, his answer was wrong. Stories. It’s good for stories. The problem is the abundance of tales told in any one war; if you’re unlucky, you’ll be stuck […]

Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018-24 (The Danish Civil War 2018-24) by Kaspar Colling Nielsen

Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018-24 (The Danish Civil War 2018-24) Author: Kaspar Colling Nielsen Norwegian translation: Kyrre Andreassen Cappelen Damm AS, Oslo 2018 (originally published in 2014 in Denmark by Gyldendal) 222 pages Review by Megan Turney   Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018-24 (The Danish Civil War 2018-24) is an exceptional example of modern Scandinavian science fiction. […]

The Forgotten Girl by Rio Youkers

The Forgotten Girl Rio Youkers 352 pages Titan Books Review by Samantha Dolan.   It’s been a lean summer for me so far when it comes to reading material. Not bad, per se, but just an average 2.5/3 stars. While I was waiting for the fifth Pierce Brown book to be released, I was hoping […]

The Girl in Red by Christina Henry 

The Girl in Red by Christina Henry  368 pages Titan books review by: Lucy Powell   A fairytale, but not as you know it. An intriguing take on the classic Grimm fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”, this new novel by Christina Henry is bloody and gripping in equal measure. Whilst the original fairytale is one […]