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Ru Pringle in Conversation with Noel Chidwick

Scottish writer Ru Pringle talks about his near-future thriller set in the west coast of Scotland. He also ponders humour and folk music in science fiction, while aided and abetted by Noel Chidwick, Shoreline of Infinity’s Editor-in-Chief.

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Event Horizon Online Live! 8pm 6th June 2020

Launching Shoreline of Infinity 18: Spotlight on BAME SF writers

Live performances from…

Music: Fadzai Mandaza
Prose: Zen Cho, Asith Pallemulla, Tobi Ogundiran
Poetry: Robert René Galván
Drama: Debbie Cannon, Jonathan Whiteside, Ben Blow
with Tendai Huchu
and your host: Russell Jones

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