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Body in the Woods Sarah Lotz

Body in the Woods Sarah Lotz NewCon Press, 116 pages. Review by Ian Hunter   A couple of years ago I was a juror on the panel that chose the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer. As one of the contenders was Sarah Lotz’s...

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Binary System Eric Brown

Binary System Eric Brown Solaris, 400 pages Review by Lucy Powell   An amalgamation of two short novellas, Binary and System, Eric Brown’s Binary System is a novel that quite literally starts with a bang. After the spaceship...

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Null States Malka Older

Null States Malka Older Tor, 432 pages Review by Callum McSorley   Malka Older returns to the world of The Centenal Cycle with her second book in the series, Null States. In her debut, Infomocracy, she introduced us to a...

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