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Rights of Use by Shannon Eichorn

Rights of Use by Shannon Eichorn 339 pages Review by Samara Wright   In the 1960s, Project Blue Book promised the American public that UFOs were not real. Aliens did not exist. We were safe from extraterrestrial threats.  ...

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Cottingley by Alison Littlewood

NewCon Press, 99 pages Review by Marija Smits   Part folk horror, part historical fiction, Alison Cottingley’s page-turning novella – one of a series published by respected indie press NewCon – is a reworking,...

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Body in the Woods – Sarah Lotz

Body in the Woods Sarah Lotz NewCon Press, 116 pages. Review by Ian Hunter A couple of years ago I was a juror on the panel that chose the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer. As one of the contenders was Sarah Lotz’s novel...

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Sailor to a Siren – Zoe Sumra

Sailor to a Siren Elsewhen Press, 272 pages Reviewed by Samantha Dolan   This novel is Zoe Sumras’ debut and you can tell that she didn’t just happen upon space opera. The dept and breath of her worldbuilding is evident from the...

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