Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

Under the Pendulum Sun Jeannette Ng Angry Robot, 416 pages Review by Marija Smits The central premise of Under the Pendulum Sun is a strong one: to what lengths will a missionary go to bring faith to the faithless? But here’s where the premise gets really interesting – the faithless are the inhabitants of Arcadia, […]

Sirens by Simon Messingham

Sirens Simon Messingham Derelict Space Sheep, 338 pages Review by Katie Gray I was tentatively excited for Sirens. Being a die-hard Doctor Who fan I was familiar with Simon Messingham’s work – he’s the author of no less than seven expanded universe novels across four different books ranges. Naturally I was interested to read his […]

Shattered Minds by Laura Lam

Shattered Minds Laura Lam Tor, 400 pages Review by Eris Young In a future North American West Coast ruled behind the scenes by a sinister corporation called Sudice, neurological experiments are conducted on criminals and drug addicts: people the company think no one will miss. One of these addicts is Carina, a neuroprogrammer and former […]

The Rift by Nina Allan

The Rift Nina Allan Titan Books, 400 pages Review by Neil Williamson The very simple truth at the heart of Nina Allan’s brilliant new novel is that between any two people there exists a chasm. No matter how close someone is to you – friends, lovers, family – no matter how completely you trust them, […]

Shoreline of Infinity 9 – available for pre-order

Shoreline of Infinity science fiction magazine 9 is available for pre-order. [intense_button color=”#5c9e01″ font_color=”#fcfcfc” hover_color=”#d48311″ link=”https://shorelineofinfinity.com/product/shoreline-of-infinity-9/” border_radius=”25px” icon=”book”] Pre-order (print and digital formats)[/intense_button] In this issue: Stories The Last Days of the Lotus Eaters – Leigh Harlen Keeping the Peace – Catriona Butler & Rob Butler Death Acceptance – Tony Clavelli Apocalypse Beta Test Survey – […]

Escape the Ordinary

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Early Morning Blues

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Healthy Breakfast

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Running is Magic

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Play the Moments

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