Happy Christmas from the Flames

Shoreline-on-Sunday-feature-imageWe’re signing off for a week or so, to relax here at the Shoreline of Infinity fire. We’re going to ponder what’s happened, where we are and what’s to come.

Speaking of which, make sure you treat yourself to a copy of Michael F Russell’s little Christmas tale, Other Colours. Your digital reading contraption will thank you for it.

It has been amazing to see what has floated in on the tide here at the Edge of Everything, attracted by the warmth of our fire, so thank you all, readers, writers, artists, contributors, helpers, family and friends and grumps alike: you are all welcome.

To sign off, I leave you a wee poem by our Poety Editor, Russell Jones:


To His Coy Dalek / How to Reconcile at Christmas

Russell Jones


Had we but worlds enough, and time

to reconvene within the whirling snow,

to set our gifts, our games aside and dream

as ageing lovers might, our mutual blows

might soften in the fairy lights. We could see

our universal love for what it is:

something of you informs something of me.

Though we slip on icy steps, we must redress

our differences, not plunge through darkness,

gripe and vex, suggest extermination

to cure temporal, festive misery. Who

knows under which star we might acquiesce?

Let’s try them all, cast out expectation.

Darling, my two hearts beat because of you.