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Shoreline of Infinity Group is planning to publish the anthology graphic novel MILK by comics legend Stref. However we need the seed money to get the book printed. For this reason we are launching a Kickstarter campaign beginning on Thursday 5th November. For the campaign to have a chance of success, we need it to be popular on Kickstarter from day one. This is where you come in.

Pledges on Kickstarter can be for any amount. You can punt in a pound just because you want this to be a success. You can pledge £15 plus postage to buy the book when it comes out in the new year. You can pledge more and get extra rewards from a grateful Stref. If you are wealthy and really want this to happen you can pledge enormous amounts and fund the whole publishing process. It’s entirely up to you. However, particularly for the smaller pledges, it is an advantage to the project to have some coordination. No money will be taken in and no books will be published if we don’t achieve our target of £2000 within 28 days.

You can make this book happen by joining our team of first day pledgers. This is a mailing list that will be used for one purpose only. We will alert you just ahead of launch day to remind you to make a pledge to support the book. We will send you one more email on launch day itself, just in case you forgot, to remind you to pledge that day. Then we will delete the whole list, never to be used again. It’s a one-off.

If everyone on the list makes their Kickstarter pledge on the first day, Kickstarter’s software will register it as a popular project and then actively promote it to regular Kickstarter investors. Then we will get more pledges from them and have a better chance of making our target of £2000.

So, if you like what we do, and like to see us succeed, commit to paying a couple of pounds to make this go and join our first day pledgers. If you are a fan of Stref or science fiction comics, commit to buying the book and join our first day pledgers.

Here is Stref’s own story about MILK.

Hello! My name is Stephen White, I am a professional comic book artist. I live in Edinburgh and work under the pen-name Stref. My work has appeared in various publications over the last three decades, and I have produced four graphic novels, including the 2015 adaptation of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan.

My first independent graphic novel: MILK was published in hardback in 2009, and an altered version was self-published in 2011. The print-run on both of these versions was very small, only 100 copies of each were produced.
MILK contains work spanning three decades; the earliest strip that appears in the book was drawn in 1990, and the most recent added in 2017. It is a book that I have constantly tinkered with over the years, and with the version that is presented today, I have finally got the work to where I want it to be.

So what is MILK? It’s not really a graphic novel, as it is comprised of a collection of short stories…but it’s not really an anthology either. I see it as a concept book myself, and it’s the kind of art project that I’m happy to leave open to interpretation. The aim of the book is to (hopefully) make you laugh, and make you think.
MILK has been out of print for about 8 years now, and I was recently approached by Shoreline of Infinity, who were keen to see it back in the world; especially as a version that has not previously been published…and this has brought us to this Kickstarter campaign!
Many thanks to all that make a pledge and help us bring MILK back…I hope you enjoy the trip!  

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