"It is Time"

A wee statement from Noel Chidwick and Mark Toner, co-founders of Shoreline of Infinity.
Shoreline of Infinity began life in Autumn of 2014 when we concluded that Scotland needed a science fiction magazine. We agreed that this magazine, like Scotland, should be outward looking and welcoming to all.
“Let’s see what happens,” we said.
*Swipes forward.*
It’s been brilliant. There are 33+ issues of the magazine, nearly 100 live and online Event Horizons, a score or more special projects, and we gave Scotland’s own Genre festival, Cymera, a leg-up. In that time-journey we’ve encountered dozens of creative and talented writers, artists, actors, musicians, performers, organisers, editors, videographers, producers, voice artists, and more – including science fiction heroes we would not have met otherwise. Best of all, we have made many friends as we travel along this arc of the circle of life, and have learned oh so much.
At the end of this year, we’re stepping off the Shoreline of Infinity Spaceship to spend more time with our own creative projects, music and writing, and also with our families, who were getting a tiny bit jealous.
It is time.
And the best bit? Spaceship Shoreline of Infinity continues its travels in the  good hands of the editorial team of Russell, Pippa, Eris, Ann, Yasmin and James, and other editorial folk and supporters who have helped along the way.
Along with a loyal and growing audience we – Mark and I – cannot wait to see where Shoreline of Infinity takes us to in this weird and wonderful Universe.
—Noel and Mark