Jackie Duckworth Art

The Art Of Shoreline Artist Jackie Duckworth

Jackie’s art can be found on her website: jackieduckworthart.co.uk

The Very Latest Project with Shoreline

Jackie made a fantastic Roman steampunk coffee picture for Ian Watson’s story in Issue 19. The full illustration will be revealed below. However the whole story and the picture are available together on our first Story Mug.

The Shoreline of Infinity Story Mug #1

Jackie’s Current Projects

Jackie exhibiting her art just like on the day we discovered her.
A Mystery Box
Inside the Mystery Box
Futility – for the Wilfred Owen Association
The Hungry Ones
The Hungry Ones – flyer for a book cover
First Friends – linocut
Mitosis for Pint of Science
Exhibition Work
Pint of Science

A Selection of Jackie’s Shoreline Art

Issue 16

The Polite Thing To Do
The Polite Thing To Do
by Helen French

Issue 17

The Weavers
The Weavers
by S A M Rundell

Issue 18

Cover 18
The Cover
The Chrysalis
by Laura Scotland

Issue 19

Imperial Coffee
Where would our eternal Roman Empire be without coffee?
by Ian Watson
also available on a mug