Posts Grid

Posts Grid

This addon helps you build a multi-column grid of posts or custom post types. The posts displayed are filterable by taxonomy terms.

Advanced Features for PRO Version

  • 6 different styles to present your blog posts or any custom post type and 7 different styles for the header.
  • Advanced AJAX based category or custom taxonomy filters. The filter list is super responsive – changes from horizontal to dropdown list as the device width is reduced.
  • AJAX pagination support with ability to seamlessly handle large number of pages.
  • Load more and Next Prev navigation available as other modes for AJAX based posts navigation.
  • Built-in cache for performance of filtering, pagination, load more.
  • Help users navigate the entire collection of blog posts or custom post types and their categories without reloading the page.
  • customization options – decide on what you want user to see.

Masonry Blog

Shoreline Writers on the BSFA Awards Longlist

By Noel Chidwick 7th January 2020 No Comments
We're extremely pleased to announce that two of our writers, Ruth EJ Booth and Time Majors, have been nominated for the longlist of the British Science Fiction Association Awards - see BSFA Awards Longlist. Ruth EJ Booth was nominated for her thought-provoking Shoreline of Infinity column Noise and Sparks. In October Ruth…

The Forgotten Girl by Rio Youkers

By Samantha Dolan 6th January 2020 No Comments
The Forgotten Girl Rio Youkers 352 pages Titan Books Review by Samantha Dolan.   It’s been a lean summer for me so far when it comes to reading material. Not bad, per se, but just an average 2.5/3 stars. While I was waiting for the fifth Pierce Brown book to…

The Girl in Red by Christina Henry 

By Samantha Dolan 30th December 2019 No Comments
The Girl in Red by Christina Henry  368 pages Titan books review by: Lucy Powell   A fairytale, but not as you know it. An intriguing take on the classic Grimm fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”, this new novel by Christina Henry is bloody and gripping in equal measure. Whilst…

Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse

By Samantha Dolan 23rd December 2019 No Comments
  Storm of Locusts Saga Press 311 pages Review by Laura Gregory     The Energy Wars are over and Dinétah has been a sanctuary to the Diné people since Big Water decimated the Eqsarth.  But even though the water was held at bay outside the towering walls built by…

Humanagerie Ed. Sarah Doyle & Allen Ashley

By Samantha Dolan 16th December 2019 1 Comment
Humanagerie Ed. Sarah Doyle & Allen Ashley 176 pages Eibonvale Press Reviewed by Megan Turney I read a paper a few months ago by professor and author Bryan L. Moore on the ‘Evidence of Decadent Humanity’. In the essay, Moore discusses the evolution of ecocentric science fiction, a sub-category that…

Origamy – Rachel Armstrong

By Samantha Dolan 2nd December 2019 No Comments
Origamy by Rachel Armstrong Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: NewCon Press Reviewed by Steve Ironside There’s a point in every good roller-coaster ride where the anticipation gives way to acquiescence – that you are no longer in control but are hanging on in there until the end. If it’s a great ride,…