Shoreline of Infinity 14

Stories: Thomas Broderick, Rhiannon Grist, Cat Hellisen, Ken MacLeod, Andrew Reichard, Neil Williamson, Vicki Jarrett, Emma Levin, Alyssa Eckles, Eris Young

Poetry: FJ Bergmann, Harry Josephine Giles, Richard Stevenson

Ruth EJ Booth’s BSFA award shortlisted column “Noise and Sparks”
Pippa Goldschmidt on “The Future is already here”

Mark Toner’s Tales of the Beachcomber
SF Caledonia: Chris Kelso on Neil Williamson
Plus reviews


Baby Teeth Jonny – art by Steve Pickering (extract)


Oh Baby Teeth Johnny With Your Radiant Grin,
Let’s Unroll on Moonlight and Gin  – Cat Hellisen

Superfine – Eris Young

By Any Other Name – Thomas Broderick

Rabbit – Alyssa Eckles

To Crave a Silent Gaze – Andrew Reichard

The Winners – Emma Levin

The Anxiety Gene – Rhiannon Grist

Fat Man in the Bardo – Ken MacLeod

La Loba – Vicki Jarrett (Winner of the 2018 Flash Fiction Competition)

Tales of the Beachcomber – Mark Toner

Noise and Sparks: Lost Part 1: Further North – Ruth EJ Booth

“The Future is Already Here” – Pippa Goldschmidt

SF Caledonia on Neil Williamson – Chris Kelso

The Death of Abigail Goudy (extract)– Neil Williamson

Multiverse – poetry by F. J . Bergmann, Richard Stevenson, Harry Josephine Giles