Shoreline of Infinity 17

New stories from: Bo Balder, S.A.M. Rundell, Brian M. Milton, dave ring, Jeremy Nelson, Peyman Saremian, Raymond W Gallacher

Winners of the 2019 Flash Fiction Competition: Simon Fung, Emma Levin, Anna Ziegelhof

Poetry: Frederick Pollack, Laura Watts, Emma Levin

Ruth EJ Booth – award winning column Noise and Sparks

Chris Beckett – interview and a wee extract from Beneath the World, a Sea

SF Caledonia: J.T. McIntosh

Mark Toner – Tales of the Beachcomber

Special Treat: Russell Jones’ Prime Jokes

Book Reviews


New Stories
Bo Balder – The Elephant Keeper
S.A.M. Rundell – The Weavers
Brian M. Milton – Community Service
dave ring – Galaxies of Rotten Stars
Jeremy Nelson – Goatherd Inquisition
Peyman Saremian – Ultimate Code
Raymond W Gallacher – The Overwrite
Winners of the 2019 Flash Fiction Competition
Simon Fung – Those who live by the shawarma
Emma Levin – Search History
Anna Ziegelhof – Dimenso-yarn ad copy, draft
Mark Toner – Tales of the Beachcomber

Ruth EJ Booth – award winning column, Noise and Sparks

Chris Beckett – interview

SF Caledonia: J.T. McIntosh

Frederick Pollack
Laura Watts
Emma Levin
Book reviews
Special Treat: Russell Jones’ Prime Jokes