Shoreline of Infinity 19

New stories from: Tony Ballantyne and Chris Beckett, Anya Ow, Davide Mana, Gregory A. Austin, Hûw Steer, Mariah Montoya, Sherry Shahan, Teika Marija Smits, Raman Mundair, C.S. Simpson and Ian Watson

SF poetry from: F. J. Bergmann, Karen Dennison, Finola Scott

The winning stories from our Flash Fiction Competition

SF Caledonia: Laura Lam

Ruth EJ Booth

Book Reviews


New Stories

The Silent Woods – Tony Ballantyne and Chris Beckett
We are Still Here – Anya Ow
Singularity – Davide Mana
Stay, Conscience – Gregory A. Austin
Blank Slates – Hûw Steer
The Ghostlands – Mariah Montoya
A Cracked Teapot – Sherry Shahan
The Cyclops – Teika Marija Smits
We Fall Like Leaves Fall – Raman Mundair
New in print: Where would our eternal  Roman Empire be without coffee? – Ian Watson
2020 Shoreline of Infinity Flash Fiction Competition – the prize winning stories
Tales of the Beachcomber – Mark Toner
Noise and Sparks: A YA Revolutionary’s Guide To the Pandemic –  Ruth EJ Booth
Biopolis: building the stories – Jane McKie. Gavin Inglis
SF Caledonia: Laura Lam– in Goldilocks Country – Pippa Goldschmidt
SF Poetry –  F. J. Bergmann, Karen Dennison, Finola Scott
Quadrant – report from our Book Group review of Docile by K.M. Szpara
Other Book Reviews
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini
The Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Happiness for Humans by P.Z. Reizin
One Love Chigusa Soji Shimada (Author), David Warren (Translator)
The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones