Shoreline of Infinity 23

Print and digital edition

Stories from: Aliya Whiteley, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, David F. Schultz, Fiona Moore, Gary Gibson, Haruka Mugihara , Jeff Hunter, Ken MacLeod, Laura Duerr, Laura Watts, Michael F Russell, Michael Teasdale

Winning story of the Cymera/Shoreline short story competition

SF poetry from: Peter J. King, Sadie Maskery, MJ Brocklebank

Noise and Sparks: The New, Normal by Ruth EJ Booth

Alba ad Astra: Madeleine Shepherd

Art: Jackie Duckworth, Stephen Daly, Caroline Grebbell and cover art by Andrew Owens

Annual Flash fiction competition details

This issue is published in paperback and digital formats: PDF, Kindle and ePub


In Shoreline of Infinity 23

New stories (first time in print)

The Spectral Horde of Jen –  D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Starship Cybus –  David F. Shultz

Universal Friendship –  Michael F. Russell

The Deadly Art of Laughter –  Michael Teasdale

The Carry Oot –  Jeff Hunter

The Ghosts of Trees –  Fiona Moore*

The Cuddle Stop –  Laura Watts*

More Sea Creatures to See –  Aliya Whitely*

Cyber-squatters of 2021: A Thrilling Vision of the 21st Century! –  Ken MacLeod*

Infinite Runtime –  Laura Duerr*

Crossed Paws –  Marc A. Criley*

Boy or Girl? –  Haruka Mugihara* 

The Light –  Which A Dying Warrior is Welcomed into Heaven –  Gary Gibson

*previously released in digital only issues of Shoreline of Infinity 20, 21 & 22.


Cymera Festival and Shoreline of Infinity competition for speculative short fiction 2021 – the results

Noise and Sparks: The New, Normal – Ruth EJ Booth

Alba ad Astra: Scotland’s forgotten history of space exploration  – Madeleine Shepherd

Graphic Novel Milk (extract) by Stref

Multiverse – SF Poetry Peter J. King Sadie Maskery MJ Brocklebank
Book reviews

It’s the End of the World: But What Are We Really Afraid of? by Adam Roberts
Echo Cycle by Patrick Edwards
Our Child of the Stars by Stephen Cox
From the Moon to the Stars by Duncan Lunan

Plus: news of the annual Shoreline of Infinity Readers Flash Fiction competition

Thanks to Luna Press and Barrie Condon for supporting this issue.