Shoreline of Infinity 24

New stories, poetry and non-fiction from: Tim Major, Emma Levin, Deborah L. Davitt, Arthur Davis, Michael Ventura-Rogers and Iain Maloney.

The ghostly details of the annual Flash Fiction competition

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In Shoreline of Infinity 24

New Stories:

The Living Museum – Tim Major

A History of Food Additives in 22nd Century Britain – Emma Levin

Leap of Faith – Deborah L. Davitt

The Third Spaceship – Arthur Davis

Of Broken Simulations and 10x’s Great Salvation – Michael Ventura-Rogers

From Time to Time: Cancel Culture,Problematic Writers and Publishing – Iain Maloney

Book Reviews
Skyward Inn by Aliya Whiteley, Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee Flash Fiction Competition details – science fiction ghost story

Cover Artwork
Alex Storer

The Living Museum