Shoreline of Infinity 27

New stories from Callum McSorley, Jo Ross-Barrett, Jack Schouten, R V Neville
Poetry from Christopher Collingwood
Alex Storer visits The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi
Book Reviews

This issue is published in paperback and digital format: PDF, Kindle and ePub.



In Shoreline of Infinity 27

New Stories: 

Callum McSorley – Great Nothing
Jo Ross-Barrett – Shutdown/Restart
Jack Schouten – Requiem Played on a Decastring
R V Neville – Sometimes What’s Right in Front of You…

Christopher Collingwood – Solitude in Quotient, Thought Experiment by Mathematica


The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi: Alex Storer meets Neil Cole — the man with a museum in his cellar.

Book Reviews:
Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky
The Magic Fix by Mark Montanaro
Switch by A.S. King

Cover Artwork
Mike Holzinger, aka Hap N Stance

At the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi

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