Shoreline of Infinity 29

Print and digital edition

Stories from:

Adriana KantchevaB.G. Alder, Ben Blow, E.M. Faulds, Callum McSorley, Ida Keogh, Jack Schouten, Louise Hughes, Maya Chhabra, Richard Gregson, Tim Major


Winning stories of the Flash fiction competition: science fiction ghost stories 

SF poetry from: R.V. Neville, Sarah Bricault, William Stephenson

Noise and Sparks: The New, Normal by Ruth EJ Booth

Interview with Ken MacLeod

Cover by Stephen Daly

This issue is published in paperback and digital formats: PDF, Kindle and ePub



In Shoreline of Infinity 29

New stories (first time in print)

Adriana Kantcheva – The Librarian
Beatrice Alder – City of Corporate-Sanctioned Delights*
E.M. Faulds – A Flight of Birds*
Callum McSorley – Great Nothing*
Jack Schouten – Requiem Played on a Decastring*
Louise Hughes – Relay*
Maya Chhabra – The Anchoress
Richard Gregson – The Cactus Farmers
Tim Major – The Living Museum*

*previously released in digital only issues of Shoreline of Infinity

Flash-fiction Competition Science Fiction Ghost Stories
Ida Keogh – The Reminder

Ben Blow – How the Orchard Became Haunted
Leigh Loveday – Dvina’s Daughter

Interview with Ken MacLeod

Noise and Sparks – Ruth EJ Booth

Multiverse – SF Poetry R.V. Neville, Sarah Bricault, William Stephenson
Alex Storer – The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi
Book Reviews
The Library of the Dead by T. L. Huchu
The Wind by Jay Caselberg
Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick by David Wong
Fatal Depth by Timothy S. Johnston