Shoreline of Infinity 30

Featuring Episodes 1 & 2 of Approaching Human – a new AI noir serial by Eric Brown
Stories and poems from: Leda Baol, Lyndsey Croal, Raymond Gallacher, Gary Gibson, Cat Hellisen, Christopher R. Muscato, Teika Marija Smits, Joshua St. Claire, Andreea Iulia Scridon, Richard Weaver.

Non-fiction: The Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase

SF Indie Press Spotlight: Francesca T. Barbini of Luna Press Publishing

This issue is published  in paperback and digital versions: PDF, Kindle and ePub


In this issue

New Stories:
Approaching Human – Eric Brown
Episodes 1&2 of a new AI-noir series by the master SF-Detective storyteller

The Last Call of the Deep – Lyndsey Croal

Minotaur/Mindtour – Teika Marija Smits

Fit for a King – Gary Gibson

The Penitent’s Tower – Cat Hellisen

The Keep – Raymond W Gallacher

The Tides Rolled In – Christopher R. Muscato

The Singer of Seeds – Leda Baol

Multiverse – poems from: Andreea Iulia Scridon, Joshua St. Claire, Richard Weaver

Non-fiction: The Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase: The Power of Storytelling in Building a Better Future – Lottie Emily Dodd

SF Indie Press Spotlight: Francesca T. Barbini of Luna Press Publishing

Beyond the Hallowed Sky by Ken MacLeod
My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones
The Cyber Puppets by Angus McAllister
The Queen of the High Fields by Rhiannon A Grist

Cover artwork by Stref

Note: This issue contains all the stories from March 2022 issue plus new content.

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