Shoreline of Infinity 31

Stories and poems from: Bo Balder, Chris Barnham, Brian D. Hinson, Monica Louzon, Ken MacLeod, Adam Marx, Andy McKell, Lindz McLeod, Heather Valentine, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Richard Magahiz, Sadie Maskery

Noise & Sparks: Ruth EJ Booth

Non-fiction: Anna Mocikat on – Is Cyberpunk Dead?

SF Indie Press Spotlight: Peter Buck of Elsewhen Press

2022 Flash Fiction Competition Details

This issue is published  in paperback and digital versions: PDF, Kindle and ePub


In this issue

New Stories:
Chris Barnham – Everywhere is Everywhere and Anywhere Else is Nowhere
Bo Balder – Shrink the Mountain
Monica Louzon – Second-Hand
Ken MacLeod – The Shadow Ministers
Lindz McLeod – The Peter Principle
Heather Valentine – Cockroach
Andy McKell – Rescue
Adam Marx – The Park

Multiverse – poems from: Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Richard Magahiz, Sadie Maskery

Ruth EJ Booth – Noise and Sparks: Case 3 in the  Multiverse of Madness 109

Non-fiction: Anna Mocikat – Is Cyberpunk Dead?

SF Indie Press Spotlight: Peter Buck  of Elsewhen Press

Braking Day byAdam Oyebanji
The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi
The Other Side of the Interface by Duncan Lunan
The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie Liu

Cover artwork by Stref

This issue also includes a link to Shoreline of Infinity 31 Supplemental – extra content available through a secret weblink.
Approaching Human by Eric Brown. We continue the AI Noir serial by the Master of British science fiction. Episode 3: Played Like a Patsy & Episode 4: Partially Human
New story: Shearing by Brian D Hinson
Poetry Reading:  Amanda Anatasi reads Regeneration