Shoreline of Infinity 32

Science Fiction and Fairy Tales Special Issue

Stories and poems from: Adam Roberts, Bethany Davis, Cat Hellisen, Dave Weaver, e rathke, Edmund Fines, Jane Yolen, Laura Scotland, Mary Berman, Rhys Hughes, Sofia Samatar, Woody Dismukes

Interview: Adam Roberts

Jane Yolen: Jane and the Baba

Even More Science Fiction Fairy Tales: Teika Marija Smits

Book Reviews

Guest Editor: Teika Marija Smits

This issue is published  in paperback and digital versions: PDF, Kindle and ePub


In this issue

Adam Roberts – Lad and the Devil
Woody Dismukes – A Good Morsel of Clay
Mary Berman – Cassandra Takes the Plunge
Edmund Fines – The Golden Circle Tour 
Rhys Hughes – A Gorgon Reversed
e rathke – Last Life in the Universe
Laura Scotland – Such is the Pathway to the Stars
Dave Weaver – The Space Apostle
Sofia Samatar – Fairy Tales for Robots (Part 1)

Multiverse – poems from: Cat Hellisen, Bethany Davis and Jane Yolen


Book Reviews

Neom by Lavie Tidhar, review by Iain Maloney
Cast Long Shadows by Cat Hellisen, review by Veronika Groke
To Catch a Moon by Rym Kechacha, review by Callum McSorley
Science Communication Through Poetry bySam Illingworth, review by Ken MacLeod

Even More Science Fiction Fairy Tales –Teika Marija Smits takes you on a journey to explore further reading of books blending science fiction and fairy tales

Cover artwork by Fangorn

Guest Editor – Teika Marija Smits

This issue also includes a link to Shoreline of Infinity 32 Supplemental – extra content available through a secret weblink.
Fairy Tales for Robots (Part 2) by Sofia Samatar
Video interview: Sofia Samatar talks to our Guest Editor Teika Marija Smits about this luscious science fictional fairy tale.