Shoreline of Infinity 33

myPet: Flash Fiction Competition Winners Issue

Stories and poems from: Benjamin C. Kinney, Brent Baldwin, Callum McSorley, David Lawrie, Juliette Lee, Liana Kapelke-Dale, Lucy Zhang, M Luke McDonell, M H Ayinde, Michael Teasdale,Thomas Piekarski
non-fiction: Ruth EJ Booth, T.L. Huchu

Interviews with Siobhan Logan & Mazi Nwonwu

Book reviews

This issue is published  in paperback and digital versions: PDF, Kindle and ePub. Publication Date: 7th December.


In this issue

The founding partners, Noel Chidwick and Mark Toner say their fond farewell, as the editorial team take over command of Spaceship Shoreline of Infinity. Read all about it in Pull Up a Log.
Callum McSorley – Cradle
David Lawrie – You are in a Room
Brent Baldwin – Three Resurrections and the Warm, Embracing Earth
M. H. Ayinde – The Walls of Benin City
Benjamin C. Kinney – The Successors
Lucy Zhang – Material Reuse
Michael Teasdale  – Frank Peterson Comes Home
M. Luke McDonell – The Internet of Things That Care
myPet: Flash Fiction Competition Winning storis

Multiverse – poems from: Liana Kapelke-Dale, Thomas Piekarski, Juliette Lee

T.L. Huchu: Hume and A.I.
Ruth EJ Booth: Noise and Sparks
Q&A with Siobhan Logan of Space Cat Press
Teika Marija Smits asks the questions
‘Severed Souls’ anthology – extracts
Book Reviews

Cover artwork by Scribble Imp

This issue also includes a link to Shoreline of Infinity 33 Supplemental – extra content available through a secret weblink.
Video interview with Mazi Nwonwu on editing African Speculative Fiction magazine Omenana