Shoreline of Infinity Event Horizon - Jane Yolen and The Last Robot

8pm Thursday 11th February 2021

Join Jane Yolen and the Shoreline team as we proudly publish and launch her short collection, The Last Robot.

Poems, will be read,

chat will be had,

jokes may be made.

Hosted by Russell Jones.

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Birthed in the body shop,
polished by the nurse,
it rests in your arm
without movement or thought,
until you speak.

— from ‘Robot Baby’

Jane Yolen has won the Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master award, plus two Nebulas. She is also a GrandMaster of the World Fantasy Association and a Grandmaster of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Her 400th book will be published in early 2021.

Come join Jane Yolen for an evening of poems and chat as we launch her latest collection of science fiction poems, The Last Robot.

The Last Robot and Other Science Fiction Poems is published by Shoreline of Infinity in pamphlet form on 12th February. It’s available for pre-order from here.