Shoreline of Infinity Event Horizon - Ken MacLeod's Road Trip

8pm Thursday 15th April 2021

Ken MacLeod’s Road Trip takes us from Scotland through the north of England and London to the far side of the Earth.

Three talkative passengers – Charles Stross, Justina Robson and Tasha Suri – read from their work, and over the car radio Hannah and Sam Bennett play drive-time music live from the wonderful world of tomorrow.

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Host: Ken MacLeod

Ken MacLeod is the author of seventeen novels and many articles and short stories, and has just completed the first volume of a space opera trilogy. He has contributed to several Event Horizons and written for Shoreline of Infinity

Hannah and Sam Bennett live in Wellington, New Zealand. Former members of the award-winning New Zealand Youth Choir, they can now be found performing in bars around Wellington and – more often – inside their own house. Hannah’s both a songwriter and an aspiring author, and finds inspiration in her love of fairytales. 

Pic: Joe Gordon