Starfield - science fiction by Scottish writers

Stories and poems by:

Angus MacVicar, Chris Boyce, David John Lee, Naomi Mitchison, Janice Galloway, Louise Turner, Angus McAllister, Edwin Morgan, Elsie Donald, William King, David Crooks, alburt plethora, Richard Hammersley, Alasdair Gray, Donald Malcolm, Duncan Lunan, Archie Roy.

Edited by Duncan Lunan.


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Stories and poems by:

Angus MacVicar
Chris Boyce
David John Lee
Naomi Mitchison
Janice Galloway
Louise Turner
Angus McAllister
Edwin Morgan
Elsie Donald
William King
David Crooks
alburt plethora
Richard Hammersley
Alasdair Gray
Donald Malcolm
Duncan Lunan
Archie Roy

Edited by Duncan Lunan.

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A loving re-creation of a classic collection of Scottish science fiction, first published in 1989.

In a field which spans the whole of space and time and alternative universes beyond, the voice of Scottish science fiction writers is a distinctive one. It blends together the national reputation for science and technology with the mystical Celtic background and the traditional art of the story-teller.

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“A many-splendoured thing.”

—The Herald

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