Published monthly in digital format and twice yearly in paperback.


Published monthly in digital format in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats. Shoreline of Infinity Monthly is a compact version of the magazine, publishing 2 or 3 stories, non-fiction, artwork and reviews.


Two larger (around 160 pages each), twice-yearly (June and December) printed editions of science fiction stories, poetry, art, non-fiction and more. This will include new stories and a selection of stories published in digital editions.

Digital and Print

The deluxe collection. Receive every digital and print issue.

Current Issue: Shoreline of Infinity 29 (print and digital)



Ok, what do I get?

Go Digital – you’ll receive every story, poem, article, review, artwork we publish, including in the print edition. The digital subscription covers 12 issues.

Go Print – brand new stories, articles, reviews and artwork, plus highlights from the year’s digital publications, all wrapped up in a beautifully printed, bumper-length edition.

Go Digital and Print and you’ll get the lot!

Shoreline of Infinity Extra

We’re also experimenting with publishing a supplement to the Monthly mag, available in a browser, tablet and phone friendly format.