The Last Robot, and Other Science Fiction Poems

Birthed in the body shop,
polished by the nurse,
it rests in your arm
without movement or thought,
until you speak.

— from ‘Robot Baby’

Jane Yolen has won the Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master award, plus two Nebulas. She is also a GrandMaster of the World Fantasy Association and a Grandmaster of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. 

From her vast collection of poetry she has written over many years, Jane has chosen some of her favourite science fiction poems for us to publish in this wee collection.


These poems were written over the course of a number of years, some sold to magazines. But it wasn’t until the folks at Shoreline of Infinity, a wonderful award-winning Scottish sf magazine I have had poems in, asked if I would like to do a “Pamphlet” for them the idea for this book came about.

Turns out “Pamphlet” is what Americans call “Chapbook.” Once that was sorted, I looked through my many poems, both published and unpublished to find the right poems for this small book.

—Jane Yolen

The Poems

Planet Earth

Can SciFi Save Us?
That Shining Word
Now a Ragged Breeze
That Rocky Ride
Baby Boy in Utero
God’s Carton
There Is No Space Bar in the Universe
Long Sight

Outer Space
Making Furrows
Mars Rover, Curiosity
NASA’s HammerTitan’s Lakes
Ode to Cassini
Ashes to Pluto
Ripples in space-time:
A Found Poem (National Geographic)
Goblin Planet Blues
An Invisible Möbius Strip

Aliens & Robots
Things Aliens Ask of Us
Nice Touch
The Rebound Effect

The Robot Suit:
1.Robot Dreams
2. Robot Love
3. Robot Baby
4. The Last Robot