Ruth makes Noise and Sparks as BFS award winner

We’re delighted to share the great news that Ruth EJ Booth won this year’s best non-fiction prize at the British Fantasy Society’s awards for her Noise and Sparks column in Shoreline of Infinity. She was presented with her trophy at the recent British Fantasy Society Awards Ceremony at Fantasycon.

Ruth joined us for Shoreline of Infinity 4 for the 2016 summer issue where in her first column, Carrying Glass, she reflects on what it means to a writer to receive an award, to be acknowledged. In Shoreline of Infinity 11, our all-women issue dedicated to International Women’s Day, Ruth provides an insightful look at creating real women characters in fiction. Beyond the Mountains is a thoughtful lesson for all writers, packed into 1,000 words.

And still Ruth powers on; in Shoreline of Infinity 16 she encourages all western writers to step outside our traditional story spaces and explore others.

Listen; I’m not doing Ruth’s words justice – treat yourself to a read of her pieces. I will add that I know she handcrafts every sentence, pouring a little essence of herself into the words to share with her readers.

My joy as editor is to watch for her columns popping up in my email – so I get to read them first!

Ruth well deserves this award, and the further recognition that comes with it.

Ruth EJ Booth with her BFS award pic: E M Faulds

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Noel Chidwick
Shoreline of Infinity

Shoreline Issue 4 Cover. Cover by Sara Julia.
Shoreline Issue 4 Cover. Cover by Sara Julia.