Shoreline of Infinity 9 – available for pre-order

Shoreline of Infinity 9 science fiction magazine - the cover Shoreline of Infinity science fiction magazine 9 is available for pre-order.

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In this issue:


The Last Days of the Lotus Eaters – Leigh Harlen
Keeping the Peace – Catriona Butler & Rob Butler
Death Acceptance – Tony Clavelli
Apocalypse Beta Test Survey –  Gregg Chamberlain
Spirejack – Patrick Warner
Lowland Clearances – Pippa Goldschmidt
The Last Moonshot – Vaughan Stanger
The Sky is Alive – Michael F Russell
The Useless Citizen Act – Ellis S. J. Sangster

Interview with Cory Doctorow

SF Poetry by Marise Morland, Bill Herbert, Peter Roberts

SF Caledonia – Monica Burns on Colymbia by Robert Ellis Dudgeon

Tales of the Beachcomber—Mark Toner

Book Reviews

The Delirium Brief, Charles Stross
Walkaway, Cory Doctorow
Shattered Minds, Laura Lam
The Rift, Nina Allan
Sirens, Simon Messingham
Under the Pendulum Sun, Jeannette Ng
Carapace, Davyne DeSye
Off Beat: Nine Spins on Song