Shoreline of Infinity Flash Fiction Competition 2017 – The Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our first Flash Fiction Competition – They are:

Matthew Castle


A Choice for the Golden Age


SK Farrell

Pauline and the Bahnians

Marija Smits

ATU334 The Wise

Pippa Goldschmidt and Eric Brown announcing the winners

The winners were announced by judges Eric Brown and Pippa Goldschmidt at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon at Frankenstein’s in Edinburgh on 7th December 2017, also livestreamed around the world.

Here’s what the judges had to say about the stories:

1) “A Choice for the Golden Age” by Matthew Castle.

A worthy winner of the contest.

A powerful story which is not only original, but manages to pose a poignant dilemma with the closing lines. I couldn’t fault the writing; it’s tight, economical and professional. I particularly liked the way the author managed to convey a lot of background information without recourse to info dumps. Like all good tales, it managed to suggest a greater universe going on behind what was presented.

=2) “ATU334 the Wise” by Marija Smit.

Neat up-dating of the Slavic Baba Yaga folk tale of a witch with chicken legs, helping those she comes across, or not… It’s economically told, light and amusing – suggesting that even the oldest of myths will survive in the far-future. It’s also the perfect length, suggesting an author in full control of her material.

=2) “Pauline and the Bahnians” by S. K. Farrell.

A strong story told in an epistolary format of a homesteader writing to a bolshy military commander. I liked the unusual background here – how many SF stories manage to mention Orpington chickens? – and the tongue-in-cheek humour.

You can read all three stories in Issue 10 of Shoreline of Infinity


Matthew receives a cash prize of £40, and a special trophy designed by Stephen Pickering.

All the winners will receive a copy of Shoreline of Infinity 10 signed by Pippa Goldschmidt and Eric Brown, and a year’s digital subscription to Shoreline of Infinity science fiction magazine.

The winning stories, plus the best of the competition entries will be published in an anthology to be released in 2018.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a story – we enjoyed reading them all. Watch out for next year’s competition, with details in Issue 12, to be published in June 2018.