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Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon – Launching Nineteen

Music: Texture

Poetry: F.J. Bergmann

Prose: Chris Beckett, Tony Ballantyne

Art: Jackie Duckworth and Mark Toner

Flash Fiction Awards – winning story read by Danielle Farrow

Zoom Drama: The Infinitesimals – Reptilian Flux continues

Hosted by: Noel Chidwick and Mark Toner

Book Launch: Umbrellas of Edinburgh

Thursday 19th November 2020

Join editors Claire Askew and Russell Jones at the launch of a new edition of Umbrellas of Edinburgh, where they explore Scotland’s capital city through contemporary poetry and prose.

Live readings by:

Alice Tarbuck

Finola Scott

Ricky Brown

Lady Red Ego

Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Book Launch: Uncanny Bodies

Thursday 12th November 2020

Launch of ‘Uncanny Bodies’ anthology – readings of stories, poems and essays celebrating the uncanny.
Published by Luna Press

Featuring readings of stories and poems from contributors

Pippa Goldschmidt (MC)
Christine De Luca
Neil Williamson
Alice Tarbuck
Sara Wasson
Eris Young
Naomi Salman
nicky melville

Latest Publications

Shoreline of Infinity 27

New stories from Callum McSorley, Jo Ross-Barrett, Jack Schouten, R V Neville
Poetry from Christopher Collingwood
Alex Storer visits The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi
Book Reviews

This issue is published in digital format: PDF, Kindle and ePub.


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Alba ad Astra – Scotland’s forgotten history of space exploration

Edited by Madeleine Shepherd

Introductions by Ken MacLeod and Pippa Goldschmidt

The first human being in space was Russian. The first man on the Moon was American. However, the space race is a marathon, not a sprint. Startling evidence suggests that the longest rocket flight ever made was a classified Scottish project.

Alba ad Astra is a collaborative thought experiment celebrating Scotland’s industrial and technological heritage. Documents, photographs and testimonials have been collected by Madeleine Shepherd and contributors such as Andrew J. Wilson and Kirsti Wishart. These fragments reveal a secret part of Scotland’s history – or a new mythology.

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Spotlight on science fiction by trans, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming writers Stories and poems from: B.G. Alder, Beth Martyn, Danielle Froom, Freiya Benson, Harry Josephine...

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Shoreline of Infinity 25

New stories from E.M. Faulds, Gary Gibson, Elana Gomel, Simon Nagel Poetry from Cat Hellisen David L Clements on: "What is...

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Books and Publications

Ace Doubles by Eric Brown

Ed Bentley’s wife has left him and he's been dropped by his publisher. Still, it’s not the end of the world. All he has to do is ghost-write a science-fiction...

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MILK by Stref

"So what is MILK? It's not really a graphic novel, as it is comprised of a collection of short stories but it's not really an anthology either. I see it...

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The Last Robot, and Other Science Fiction Poems

Birthed in the body shop, polished by the nurse, it rests in your arm without movement or thought, until you speak. — from ‘Robot Baby' Jane Yolen has won the...

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Latest Reviews

It’s the End of the World: But What Are We Really Afraid Of? by Adam Roberts

It’s the End of the World: But What Are We Really Afraid Of? Adam Roberts 288 pages Elliott & Thompson Review by Ken MacLeod No one would have believed in...

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, by Christopher Paolini

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Christopher Paolini 878 pages Tor Review by Andrew Chidwick Ever since the days of Tolkien, maps have been a beloved staple of the...

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One Love Chigusa by Soji Shimada

One Love ChigusaSoji Shimada (Author), David Warren (Translator)Red Circle, 115 pagesReview by Noel Chidwick You’ve had a major motorbike accident, and your body is ripped to pieces. You’re salvaged, and most of your body...

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Shoreline of Infinity 27 hits the virtual shelves

We have a great range of stories this issue. Callum McSorely takes us deep under the Antarctic ice to explore strange worlds and a murder; Jo Ross-Barrett introduces us to...

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Shoreline Of Infinity Pushing the Boat Out

Join Shoreline at Edinburgh's first International poetry Festival.

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Shoreline of Infinity nominated for best magazine/periodical

We’re delighted to announce that Shoreline of Infinity has been nominated for best magazine/periodical by the British Fantasy Society.

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Tobi Ogundiran nominated for Shirley Jackson award for Shoreline of Infinity story

We’re absolutely thrilled to bits to announce that Tobi Ogindiran’s story Isn’t Your Daughter Such a Doll has been nominated for best short story for the The Shirley Jackson Awards. Tobi’s...

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Disabled and/or neurodivergent writers – send us your work!

We’re looking for short stories, poetry, non-fiction and reviews with a focus on sci-fi with a spotlight on disabled and/or neurodivergent writers.

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Flash Fiction Competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers 2021

A Science Fiction Ghost Story At Christmas, everyone enjoys the thrill of a ghost story. This year, we want a science fictional ghostly tale to scare the bejeesus out of us....

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