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Shoreline of Infinity 18

Spotlight on BAME science fiction

New stories from: Feng Gooi, Tobi Ogundiran, Prashanth Srivatsa, K.M. McKenzie, Asith Pallemulla, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Zen Cho

SF poetry from: Jeda Pearl, Mandisi Nkomo, Robert René Galván

Guest Editors:

Tendai Huchu and Raman Mundair

The History of Japanese Science Fiction: from the 1930s to 2010s

The Dangers of Expectation in African Speculative Fiction

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Shoreline of Infinity 17

New stories from: Bo Balder, S.A.M. Rundell, Brian M. Milton, dave ring, Jeremy Nelson, Peyman Saremian, Raymond W Gallacher

Winners of the 2019 Flash Fiction Competition: Simon Fung, Emma Levin, Anna Ziegelhof

Poetry: Frederick Pollack, Laura Watts, Emma Levin

Ruth EJ Booth – award winning column Noise and Sparks

Chris Beckett – interview and a wee extract from Beneath the World, a Sea

SF Caledonia: J.T. McIntosh

Mark Toner – Tales of the Beachcomber

Special Treat: Russell Jones’ Prime Jokes

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Shoreline of Infinity 16

Nominated again (after winning last year!) for the British Fantasy Society Best Magazine/Journal of the year

New Science fiction stories from: Petra Kuppers, Allen Ashley, Helen French, Kate Macdonald, Laura Duerr, Calum L. MacLeòid, Ahmed A. Khan

2019 BFS award-winning Ruth EJ Booth: Noise and Sparks

Vicki Jarrett: interview

SF Poetry: Rachel Plummer, Cardinal Cox, Chuck Von Nordheim

Plus Mark Toner’s Tales of the Beachcomber
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Other Publications

The Chosen from the First Age

A taste of Shoreline of Infinity. Stories selected from the first 11 issues of the British Fantasy Society award winning magazine. Bo Balder – Shaker Look Gregg Chamberlain– APOCALYPSE BETA TEST...

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Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 1

Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 1

The Beachcomber's own comic, volume 1 features Gail Scott's first adventure "Who Is Mentor?" along with "Mutable Martians," "Where Have All The Time Machines Gone?" and "The Centenary Of Arthur...

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The Folger Variation and Other Lies

The Folger Variation follows three interconnected lives throughout different strands of time. Pancake: Pancake Patterson is a former jazz musician who spends all his time roaming the seedy underbelly of...

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Books and Publications

Scotland in Space

Creative Visions and Critical Reflections on Scotland’s Space Futures Edited by Deborah Scott and Simon Malpas With a foreword by Ken MacLeod Take a bunch of science fiction writers, scientists,...

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A Practical Guide to the Resurrected

Medicine is advancing at a breakneck pace. Genome editing, lab-grown organs and advanced bionics are all on the horizon - our lives are going to change dramatically. We'll live longer,...

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Watch The Signs! Watch The Signs!

Dragons, rockets, Vulcans, witches, scientists, authors and the Apocalypse – this book has it all. A handy reference of genuine British pub signs relating to science fiction, fantasy and horror,...

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Shoreline news and updates

AllLooking into the Flamesnews

Shoreline of Infinity 18 out now – spotlight on BAME science fiction

14th June 2020

It has been a tough few months, but the work by the Shoreline team has borne fruit – Shoreline of...

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Flash Fiction Competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers 2020

14th June 2020

“Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch...

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T.L. Huchu in conversation with Chikodili Emelumadu

19th July 2020

Emelumadu and Huchu will be discussing their love of African monsters, the weird, and the craft of writing dope SFF.

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Event Horizon Online Live! 8pm 6th June 2020

21st May 2020

Launching Shoreline of Infinity 18: Spotlight on BAME SF writers Live performances from… Music: Fadzai Mandaza Prose: Zen Cho, Asith...

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Submissions Open

30th April 2020

Submissions Open for May! Cheer us up with your finest science fiction prose.

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Latest Reviews

One Love Chigusa by Soji Shimada

One Love ChigusaSoji Shimada (Author), David Warren (Translator)Red Circle, 115 pagesReview by Noel Chidwick You’ve had a major motorbike accident, and your body is ripped to pieces. You’re salvaged, and most of your body...

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The Plague Stones by James Brogden

The Plague Stones James Brogden Titan Books, 419 pages Review by Benjamin Thomas   James Brogden’s The Plague Stones is a gothic world of horror and history. The novel follows...

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Cognition by Jacques St-Malo

Cognition Jacques St-Malo 342 pages Ballista Press: 2019 Review by Megan Turney   Jacques St-Malo’s Cognition is a near-future technothriller revolving around the micro and macro consequences of a society...

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