The Elephant in the Ceremony Room

Here are the direct links to the web pages cited in Ruth’s piece. (Links open in new a new window).

1 The announcement was made via the Gunn Center’s Facebook page on 5th September 2019 here: [accessed 3 November 2019].

2 John Scalzi reports Michael Moorcock said it in accepting the award as early as 1971: and-further-thoughts-on-the-reassessment-of-john-w-campbell/ [accessed 3 November 2019].

3 See Cory Doctorow’s column for Locus, ‘Jeannette Ng Was Right: John W. Campbell Was a Fascist’: ng-was-right-john-w-campbell-was-a-fascist/ [accessed 5 November 2019].

4 For John Scalzi’s blog on this, see gunn-center-makes-a-change-and-further-thoughts-on-the-reassessment-of-john-w-campbell/ [accessed 3 November 2019].

5 See Ryan P. Smith’s retrospective on Gernsback’s career here: https://www. pioneer-hugo-gernsback-180964554/ [accessed 6 November 2019].

6 For a clip from Naomi Klein’s recent interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, see [accessed 3 November 2019].