Audio Stories

For this issue, we have a reading of Crossed Paws, by Marc A Criley, read by RJ Bayley

Yon secret portal to Shoreline of Infinity 22

Hi there.

If you are reading this you have managed to access this page by means of the secret link you have found in Shoreline of Infinity 22, an early issue of the refreshment process of Shoreline. If you came by another way, you can order yourself a copy of Shoreline of Infinity 21 by clicking on the portal

We do have plans about integrating Shoreline of Infinity Magazine with our other projects such as Event Horizon, so keep an eye out.

It would be good if you let us know you arrived here – can you send a message through the contact form? Maybe you have some thoughts about what you would like to see.

—Noel Chidwick,