Robot Baby

Jane Yolen

Birthed in the body shop,

polished by the nurse,

it rests in your arm

without movement or thought,

until you speak.

Its name brings life.


though you will always

call it Callie.

It creaks awake.

The manual instructs:

change its oil

every few hours,

Free oilcan attached.

Use diapers for leaks.

It will never grow old,

only rust if you leave it out

too long in the rain.

It won’t smoke dope,

get depressed, talk back.

It will care for you in your old age.

Multiverse:  an international anthology of science fiction poetry

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This landmark anthology includes more than 170 sci-fi poems by 70 contemporary writers from around the world, including Jane Yolen, Harry Josephine Giles, Sofia Rhei, Jenny Wong, James McGonigal, Fyodor Svarovsky, Joyce Chng, Vincente Luis Mora and Claire Askew.


Explore poems about robotics and romance, asteroids and arachnids, nukes and nanobots, worm holes, warp drives and future wars, with an international array of exciting modern poetic voices, to boldly go where no poetry has gone before…! 


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