Shoreline on Sunday

Shoreline-on-Sunday-banner with titleSomewhere in this rather large universe of ours, today is Sunday.

The Sunday of which I speak is the slow-moving, gentle creature of a Sunday, waking up to the heavy newspapers and a cooked breakfast. And lashings of hot tea. That’s my culture’s idea of a good start to the one day of the week where we pause, look around, take stock. And read. Sunday is a good day for reading.

Hence Shoreline on Sunday. We publish pieces written by anyone who wants to reflect on some aspect or other of science fiction. We’re starting slowly, and we’re publishing just one or two pieces every other Sunday ( We’re not calling this section Shoreline on Alternative Sundays—that’s just too cumbersome).

Over the next few weeks we have items on science fiction and music; independent science fiction publishing; the hell or heaven of smart homes; one writer’s influences; and, as the saying goes, more.

If you want to contribute a guest post to Shoreline on Sunday, find out more and submit your piece via Join us on Shoreline on Sunday.

Meanwhile, here’s our fist piece, Science Fiction Needs More Love, by Lisa McCurrach, who has a blog that glories under the name Over the Effing Rainbow. So, kick back, rest your bones, and pull up Shoreline on Sundayafter all, today is Sunday, somewhere.