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Women's Face of PowerIssue 11 of Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine will be a special all-women edition, published to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8.

On average, only around 20% of submissions to the magazine come from women and we want to encourage more.

So we’re inviting all science fiction writers who identify as women to send us your best short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction (word limit is 5000), accompanied by a brief bio.

Guest editors for this issue will be writer and editor Pippa Goldschmidt (The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space, The Falling Sky);  Caroline Grebbell  – who organised and hosted the International Women’s Day Event Horizon in March 2017; and  Monica Burns from the usual Shoreline team as Guest Art Director.

If this isn’t exciting enough, we’re also planning a special International Women’s Day Event Horizon.

So women, get those stories to us now. (Everyone else – if you do send work to us, we’ll hold it back to be considered for future issues.)

All published work will be paid £10 per 1000 words. The deadline for submissions is 31st December 2017.

To submit your short stories, use the submission button below at the bottom of the page.

To submit poetry, go to the Poetry Submission Page

For non-fiction, use the Contact Form, outlining your proposal.

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Your story goes here...

Your story goes here…

What we are looking for

First, we strongly suggest you read a copy of Shoreline of Infinity to see the kind of stories our readers like. You can download a copy or order a print copy over there on the right.

We are looking for a good science fiction story. Something that gives reality a tweak on the nose. An idea that makes us stop and think.

But more than that, we want your story to be populated with characters we want to meet and have a drink with or from whom we want to run screaming away; we want characters to hug to ease the pain; we want to read the stories of heroes; we want to be your character.

Make us want to nudge our sleeping partners at 3am in the morning and say: “you should read this!”

Broaden our horizons – look beyond the Shoreline.

We told you, we’re looking for a good story.

If you can include all that in one tale as seen through the powerful lens of science fiction, so much the better.


A maximum of 5,000 words.

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What we Offer and Rights

We offer £10/1000 word at the moment.

We retain the right to continue selling back issues of Shoreline of Infinity and Shoreline anthologies containing your story (royalties are paid for republishing in collections).

We buy first digital and print world rights in English, but your rights are returned to you after 6 months of original publication (digital or print), and you are free to publish how or wherever you like. However, it would be splendid if you could acknowledge first publication in Shoreline of Infinity.

What to Submit

We accept simultaneous submissions, but do tell us immediately if you want to withdraw a submission. Submit a neatly formatted manuscript set in Times 12 point and double spaced in Microsoft Word format ( doc/docx). Please use the submission process here – emailed manuscripts will be ignored.

Submit only one story.

Response Time

We will reply as soon as we can after your submission, but do contact us if you have not heard within 3 months. We know what it’s like to be kept waiting, but we are only human (mostly).

We received a large number of submissions in the last call, so please be patient!

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