Call for sci-fi poems (for a new international anthology of sci-fi poetry)

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Alas poor Yorick. If only he hadn’t missed the submissions deadline.

Back in 2012, our Poetry Editor, Russell Jones, published the known-universe’s first collection of contemporary UK sci-fi poetry: Where Rockets Burn Through. 

A lot of time has passed and a LOT has happened since then. All good science fiction responds to the preoccupations and concerns of its time, as well as speculating about worlds and timelines which differ to our own – and sci-fi poetry is no different. So, it’s time for a revolution… in verse!

Shoreline of Infinity is seeking sci-fi poems from across the cosmos. We’re putting together an exciting new anthology of international science fiction poetry, edited by Russell Jones (who has a PhD in sci-fi poetry, don’t you know!) and Rachel Plummer and we want YOUR poems. 

We’re going to call it Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry and it will be co-edited by Russell Jones and Rachel Plummer.

We are especially interested in considering poetry from BAME writers, and writers from other under-represented groups including LGBT+ writers and writers with disabilities. If you’ve ever felt excluded from, or not represented by, mainstream sci-fi – we want to hear from you.

So, send us your alien acrostics, space age sonnets, time-travelling tankas and robotic rondeau. We also accept free verse (and everything in between).

Previously-published poems will be considered, on the basis that the poet will seek permission from the original publisher(s).

The details:

  • Send 3-8 poems in a single MS Word document (add a PDF if your poem experiments with layout)
  • No word / line limit (creative formats/forms very welcome )
  • Include your name, contact details and bio (max 50 words) on the first page
  • Use your full name for the file name (eg: RussellJones.doc)
  • Use the form at the bottom of this page only. NOT the Multiverse submissions page.
  • Submission deadline is 30th June 2018
  • Editor’s decisions made by September 2018
  • Publication (print and digital) scheduled for November 2018
  • Successful poets will receive a print copy of the anthology plus a 1-year digital subscription of Shoreline of Infinity

For more information on what makes a good sci-fi poem, check out our guide.  

Also, we strongly encourage you to read a copy of Shoreline of Infinity to get the feel for whast we do. Digital and print editions are available from the Shoreline Shop.

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Submit your poems for the anthology here.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

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