Body in the Woods Sarah Lotz

Body in the Woods Sarah Lotz NewCon Press, 116 pages. Review by Ian Hunter   A couple of years ago I was a juror on the panel that chose the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer. As one of the contenders was Sarah Lotz’s novel The Three, it was a bit of a no-brainer. That […]

Rights of Use by Shannon Eichorn

Rights of Use by Shannon Eichorn 339 pages Review by Samara Wright   In the 1960s, Project Blue Book promised the American public that UFOs were not real. Aliens did not exist. We were safe from extraterrestrial threats.   Thirty years later, two high schoolers, Sarah Anderson and Maggie Rockefeller, along with seventeen other women […]

The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack by Nate Crowley

  Abaddon, 400 pages Review by S-J McGeachy When a book’s prologue consists of quotations from Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Eric Morecombe you hope for a healthy combination of grim despair and hearty chuckles. Thankfully, Nate Crowley delivers both in spades.   Schneider Wrack regains consciousness and slowly becomes aware that he is dead. His […]