Binary System Eric Brown

Binary System Eric Brown Solaris, 400 pages Review by Lucy Powell   An amalgamation of two short novellas, Binary and System, Eric Brown’s Binary System is a novel that quite literally starts with a bang. After the spaceship Andromeda catastrophically explodes going through a routine wormhole jump, the accident is enough to fling the book’s […]

Null States Malka Older

Null States Malka Older Tor, 432 pages Review by Callum McSorley   Malka Older returns to the world of The Centenal Cycle with her second book in the series, Null States. In her debut, Infomocracy, she introduced us to a near-future in which ‘Information’ – a near-ubiquitous, utopian version of the internet where all statements […]

Spare and Found Parts Sarah Maria Griffin

Spare and Found Parts Sarah Maria Griffin Titan, 416 pages Review: Georgina Merry In a post-apocalyptic Ireland where computer technology is banned, Nell Crane, a teen who struggles to fit in, becomes obsessed with building herself a companion. She will stop at nothing to make her fantasy a reality, even if it means rejecting the […]

You Should Come with Me Now: Stories of Ghosts John Harrison

You Should Come with Me Now: Stories of Ghosts John Harrison Comma, 272 pags Review: Katy Lennon This collection is clearly the work of a veteran of the short story; yet Harrison’s 15 year break from the format obviously did not dull his aptitude or enthusiasm for it. Published by Comma Press, known genre fans […]

A Scruffian Survival Guide – Hal Duncan

A Scruffian Survival Guide Hal Duncan Lule, 118 pages Reviewed by Steve Ironside   Language is a marvel. The formality of words and structure, the ends to which it can be put – poetry, technical description, the odd bawdy chat down the pub; allowing communication in ways both broad and narrow. And yet, it remains […]

Cottingley by Alison Littlewood

NewCon Press, 99 pages Review by Marija Smits   Part folk horror, part historical fiction, Alison Cottingley’s page-turning novella – one of a series published by respected indie press NewCon – is a reworking, or rather reimagining, of the story of the Cottingley fairies. The novella, written in epistolary form, immediately intrigues: Dear Sir Arthur […]

Sailor to a Siren – Zoe Sumra

Sailor to  a Siren Elsewhen Press, 272 pages Reviewed by Samantha Dolan   This novel is Zoe Sumras’ debut and you can tell that she didn’t just happen upon space opera. The dept and breath of her worldbuilding is evident from the first dizzying battle between our protagonists, Connor Cardwain and his band of militarised […]

New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

New York 2140 Kim Stanley Robinson Orbit, 618 pages Review by Callum McSorley New York, New York, it’s a helluva town! So goes the song, and from Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy to Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, it’s certainly a city that’s inspired writers and artists for generations, and its prominence in media and finance […]

Infinity Wars by Jonathan Strahan

Infinity Wars Jonathan Strahan Rebellion, 356 pages Reviewed by Ian Hunter It was inevitably, I suppose, given that the previous five entries in Jonathan Strahan’s Infinity Project—at least from their titles—had a hopeful air about them starting way back in 2010 with Engineering Infinity right through to more recent offerings, that things would take a […]