The Climate Change Issue – Shoreline of Infinity Special Issue

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Guest Editor: Lyndsey Croal

I’m honoured and excited to be editing the special Climate Change issue for Shoreline of Infinity. As an author, science fiction fan, and climate change policy professional in the day job, this is a dream project to edit!

Fiction is a powerful tool for connecting us with potential visions for change. So for this issue, we want to read stories that reflect on climate change and its impacts, while raising awareness, inspiring action, promoting justice and system change, and putting forward well thought out and executed solutions to climate change. 

Here’s a non-exhaustive story wishlist for this special issue:

  • Solutions driven – potential for new technologies or natural solutions to climate change (but bear in mind unintended consequences)
  • Disruption – a challenge to the status quo or reimagining of a new system, one that embraces the importance of climate justice, and has fairness at the centre. Societies that exist on mutual respect for people and the natural world, that embrace sustainable living, where rampant capitalism and corruption is becoming a thing of the past.
  • Solarpunk or utopian visions – what would our world look like if climate change is being addressed and reversed or a climate and nature-centred society has become a reality? How would communities cooperate? What values would people live by?
  • The power of nature – stories that imagine how we can work in harmony with, not against the natural world, to build biodiversity, resilience, and tackle climate change.
  • Surprise us! I’m open to seeing approaches we’ve not seen before, or even some genre blends – as long as there is a science fictional element present in the story, send it our way.
  • We’d like to especially encourage authors from backgrounds disproportionately affected by climate change to submit, and we encourage you to let us know if that describes you, though it isn’t mandatory.
  • We’d also love to see stories from those with expertise in science or policy around climate, nature, new technology, or sustainability.

While I’m looking more for hopeful and utopian visions, I’m not strictly against narratives that focus more on the consequences of climate change. However, darker or dystopian stories should still be centred around themes and commentary on the impacts, rather than just a world where climate change is present or climate collapse inevitable. I’d also prefer all stories in this issue to hint at hope, or solution, even if it’s not come to fruition in the story’s world yet.


Standard Shoreline wordcounts apply (maximum 6,000 words), but I’d love to publish a range of story lengths. I’m a big fan of flash fiction, so would be excited to include a mix of flash and short stories in this issue. Though, regardless of wordcount, I’ll be looking for a complete story rather than a vignette.

A reading list: 

I look forward to reading your stories and ideas!